Innovation Field New Media

Innovation Field New Media

The digitization of all media categories is leading to a radical change in the customers' behavior of how they interact with media content. Users today expect an overarching, integrated and unified entertainment experience across all screens - accessible with any device. The team of the innovation field New Media develops novel media concepts and solutions taking these needs into account. For example, the existing Telco TV products and customer concept thinking needs reboot. The days of 'one TV product fits all' are over - the TV product logic needs to adapt to this changing environment for future growth.

Key areas of the innovation field New Media

Virtualization of media hardware for faster innovation cycles and massive cost savings (Virtual Set-Top Box, Virtualized TV chain)
Next generation media services and platforms that break the barriers of traditional media silos and reduce operational complexities: cross-media user experience and personalized media cloud services (tolino tab, NexGen TV UI, TV Middleware & 2nd screen powerplay)
Integrated media offerings by building on Telco-inherent assets: easy integration of 3rd party services with focus on B2B2x business models and off-footprint markets for new revenues and market shares

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 Design Research Lab


Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost

The goal of design research is to design technology products in such a way that they can be individually operated by different user groups.

Design Research Lab
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 Security in Telecommunications


​Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Seifert

SecT researches the limits and foundations for achievable security, to create the most secure and reliable systems.