Virtualization and Automation

Virtualization and Automation


Increased network efficiency, flexibility, and speed for faster innovation cycles

Automation and seamless virtualization of IT and network resources have the potential to dramatically accelerate the launch of new services and increase the efficiency of existing resources. These principles are used to promote new commercial business models for expanding broadband services.

In this context, it is important that in future the network resources of one network operator will be available for use by another network operator – seamlessly. These solutions will extend far beyond today's bit stream access  (EU-project UNIFY). Further Initiatives promoting more production flexibility (e.g. TeraStream) are based on the virtualization / automation of installations in customer households as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises. "Managed home" network services will help customers manage their complete home network and network connectivity, and in some cases automated solutions may take care of all management tasks without customer intervention. Solutions such as "Family CTO" or "Your Home Network in Your Pocket" will open up new market opportunities.

Additional activities in the core network are focused on optimizing the performance and efficiency of the network overall with virtual servers near the customer that can reduce data access delays (latency). Work being done in the area of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is leading to new B2B business models with content service providers. The new venture BENOCS is centered around routing optimization and related B2B offerings to support the management of content streams in real time. BENOCS is thus positioned as an enabler for the management of business relationships with other carriers or CDNs.

When it comes to the important aspect of energy efficiency, the objective is to reduce the energy consumption of platforms through adaptive load control, avoiding the transmission of useless bits and by switching off resources that are not needed. Innovation projects such as ComGreen and DESI involve the development of prototype solutions for load-adapting networks and IT systems in all areas, including fixed-line and mobile communication servers  


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