DSL Hilfe – The Deutsche Telekom's top rated app

DSL Hilfe – The Deutsche Telekom's top rated app


DSL Hilfe – The Deutsche Telekom´s top rated app


In June 2012 DSL Hilfe app started life as a troubleshooter for resolving Internet access problems. Since then its range of functions has broadened significantly so that with over 250,000 total downloads and extremely positive user feedback (with average assessments well above the 4 stars mark) the tool has developed into one of Deutsche Telekom's top rated apps.

Through their work in technical project management and application development, T-Labs has been decisive in driving DSL Hilfe all the way from its first prototype to the final product all through its many versions. The story of the app's genesis also owes a lot to outstanding interdisciplinary cooperation with Telekom Deutschland's customer service and to the product management provided by Products & Innovation.  

The app has won a number of prizes since its first creation, including the Good Design Award 2013 and in June 2014 the YouGov Award for "Best Service Innovation."
DSL Hilfe – which is available in a smartphone and tablet version for iOS and Android – provides support for Deutsche Telekom's fixed-line customers in setting up new DSL connections and in converting existing connections to Voice over IP. Using the app, the customer can scan in the DSL access settings that are provided in all customer correspondence in the form of QR code and pass them on to the Speedport router by WiFi. Users can configure the router quickly and easily in just a few steps using the DSL-Hilfe app.
In addition to this, DSL Hilfe also helps customers to find the problem when a fault appears in their Internet connection. In a step-by-step process, the app hones in on the problem, which can then usually be resolved by the customer him or herself. A great many errors can be detected automatically by the app as it autonomously reads the settings in the Speedport router. The app then gives instructions on how to resolve the error. If the customer does not manage to resolve the error himself using the app, then he or she is connected with a customer advisor from the Telekom customer service by phone or live chat (
available from November 2014).
DSL Hilfe supports all Speedport routers used by Deutsche Telekom since 2006.

Next Steps

But the DSL Hilfe app's development is by no means finished. On the contrary, at the beginning of 2014 the app was handed over to the Products & Innovations department to ensure that it continued to receive ongoing development into the future. At the moment we are working on support for Deutsche Telekom's new hybrid Speedport router, which is due for release onto the market at the end of 2014.


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