Entertain Remote Control App - TV goes social

Entertain Remote Control App - TV goes social

The response to the Entertain Remote Control app has been extremely impressive since its launch in November 2012. Since then, the number of downloads has already climbed to more than 700,000 (Oct. 2014). The average user rating of 4 and 5-star documents the popularity of this innovative development.

The driving force behind this success is T-Labs, which came up with the idea, drove its implementation and was heavily involved in every stage of development up to its launch – from concept to design and development to back-end integration – in close collaboration with the Group's central operative units in Product Management and Commercial Management. Within T-Labs, as well, the genesis of the app is an excellent example of interdisciplinary collaboration between the various areas. Since mid of 2014, T-Labs has handed over the task of further developments completely to the operational units. 

In the category 'digital media – mobile applications', the Entertain Remote Control app has won the IF design award 2014.

In November 2013, the enhancement with social TV functions has taken the app now to the next level of interactivity. Watching TV hasn't been a passive activity for a long time now; viewers want to share their thoughts on the program they are watching. People don't just talk about soccer or CSI in the bar or in their living room now; they also discuss their favorite shows on the web through social media communities.

According to studies more than 40 percent of TV viewers in Germany already use mobile devices while they are watching TV. Of this group, 42 percent say that social networking is one of their main activities.The Entertain Remote Control app has now been enhanced with social TV features, lending full support to this trend. The new features were once again developed by T-Labs in close cooperation with Entertain colleagues.

The app makes the use of the social TV functionalities easy: thanks to the connection with the Media Receiver, the app detects what you're watching automatically, so you don't have to check in or search for hashtags. That makes reading, writing and sharing messages especially simple and easy. So you can use your mobile device ("second screen") to talk about the current show directly through Twitter or Facebook. The new social features also merge into the RC functionality by having the ability to swipe through other channels to see what people are saying about other TV shows currently on air.

Social TV turns the Remote Control app into a real community service: watching TV separately but being able to discuss it with friends or even other users who are dedicated fans.

In an environment in which similar offers such as Kontrol TV and Digit are reaching customers over-the-top the Remote Control app fulfills fundamental prerequisites for maintaining competitiveness and customer loyalty. The User Driven Innovation area at T-Labs conducted online studies to determine user acceptance and response after the launch of the Remote Control app. Voice control was for example the highest-rated feature, while the general usability and response times of the apps were also praised. The ratings and comments at the iTunes and Google Play provided by users are helping to improve the Entertain Remote Control app further.

Entertain Remote Control App - TV responds to voice commands