Special Memberships


German federal and state-funded national academy and voice of science and engineering

acatech brings together the best minds from science and business. The exchange of ideas between these two parties generates sustainable growth through innovation.

Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0 has been set up as a concept by Acatech and has proven popular politically. DTAG works on its own definition via PRA/TSY. A platform ‘Industrie 4.0’ has been founded by BITKOM, ZVEI and VDMA.

Münchner Kreis

Übernationale Vereinigung für Kommunikationsforschung

The MÜNCHNER KREIS is a non-profit supra-national association dedicated to communications research. In particular, the organization studies human, social, economic and political problems associated with the introduction of new communication technologies. The objective of the MÜNCHNER KREIS is to integrate the work of individual scientific disciplines in an effort to solve extensive problems created by communications.

Dr. Heinrich Arnold, Head of T-Labs, is a member of Board of Directors.


BITKOM is the voice of the information technology, telecommunications and new media industry in Germany. BITKOM represents more than 2,000 companies, of which 1,200 are direct members. They include nearly all global players as well as more than 800 powerful small and medium-sized enterprises and a lot of founder-managed creative companies. BITKOM’s members generate an annual sales volume of 140 billion Euros in total, exporting high-tech goods and services worth 50 billion Euros per year.

Feldafinger Kreis

The Feldafinger Kreis’s aim is to intensify the dialogue between science and economy, to promote the internet research in Germany and give impetus to better use innovation potential.








Further Memberships

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