T-Labs' EU Labs program: New "Data Intelligence" chair at TU Wien

27/03/2017 - T-Labs' EU Labs program: New "Data Intelligence" chair at TU Wien

F.l.t.r.: Michal Dunaj, Björn Hohmann (both T-Labs), Rüdiger Köster (T-Mobile Austria), Hannes Werthner (TU Wien)

A new chair for Data Intelligence is being created at the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien in Vienna. This second partner institute represents the successful continuation of the EU Labs program by T-Labs.

T-Labs and T-Mobile Austria are pushing ahead with the planning, together with TU Berlin and TU Wien. According to current plans, the chair at the Vienna university will be funded for 5 years starting October 1, 2017 and will pursue research primarily in the areas of Information and Communication Technology and Computational Science and Engineering. Embedded in the Faculty of Informatics, it will focus on basic and applied research into data analytics and intelligent interaction.


The future is data-driven

The digital transformation is generating huge amounts of data like never before, posing new challenges to companies. The term "data intelligence" refers to the tools and expertise needed to compile and analyze this data, to simplify complex decision-making processes. Tools like data mining, data forecasting and network analysis support these decision-making processes, for example, for specific business issues and investment decisions.

The methods are also applied for private users, for example, for generating search recommendations on websites. Interactions and profiles are analyzed and combined with recommendation systems, with the aim of custom-tailoring the search functions to individual needs.

"I am pleased that we are taking the signs of the times seriously with this new chair and expanding our research efforts in the data intelligence domain," said Hannes Werthner, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, about the intention of the collaboration agreement. "By combining statistics and informatics, we will give future data scientists the best possible tools for shaping the digital transformation.

"The competence of TU Wien in the area of 'smart' technologies and their feeling for the industry were decisive arguments in favor of our collaboration," commented Raimund Schmolze, Vice President at T-Labs. "We are happy that TU Wien will be joining our EU Labs program and that customers in Europe will benefit from innovative, intelligence solutions that we will create in close cooperation with T-Mobile Austria and our top research partners."

Axel Küpper, head of the "Service-Centric Networking" chair at TU Berlin, which is funded by T-Labs, remarked: "I am thrilled that our careful search has found the right European academic partner here in Vienna. TU Wien will be joining our innovation network, which also includes ELTE in Budapest and TU Berlin. We expect synergy effects in knowledge transfer, student mobility and a contribution to the European research agenda – with strong support from the Deutsche Telekom Group as a reliable industrial backbone."

"Mobile communications are a key engine for digitization and create space for innovations at the interface between research and industry," said Rüdiger Köster, CTO of T-Mobile Austria. "TU Wien's motto, 'Technology for People', is a perfect match for T-Mobile Austria's 'Just the way I want it' philosophy and the innovative strength of T-Labs – all focusing on people and their needs."


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