T-Labs showcases innovative projects at the hub conference 2016

20/12/2016 - T-Labs showcases innovative projects at the hub conference 2016

 Katja Henke,
Well-Fi project manager, market & customer 

The Bitkom Trend Congress “hub conference 2016” was held on November 22 in Berlin. Over 2,000 participants, including more than 400 start-ups and 180 speakers, took part in this major event devoted to innovations, digitization and digital transformation. As part of the conference, T-Labs also had the opportunity to present its projects: Data Cockpit and Well-Fi – high-quality Wi-Fi that contributes to well-being.

The hub conference brings people together that are joining forces to shape the digital transformation. These include managers, politicians, scientists and IT experts, as well as established enterprises and start-ups. The basic idea is that the digital transformation of the economy can only succeed if those involved cooperate and develop cutting-edge solutions together. During the event more than 30 enterprises had the opportunity to present new prototypes and exhibits from their current research. T-Labs also took the opportunity to showcase two innovative projects.

Well-Fi – high-quality Wi-Fi that contributes to well-being

With a single click, become a customer, get started online immediately and access your network and services securely from anywhere. Simplicity, quality, security! The core is a Wi-Fi network managed by Deutsche Telekom for consumers and small businesses that is based on the latest Wi-Fi developments and intelligent network management. As an extended future scenario it is conceivable that you might not even need your own router at home. Instead, routers in the stairwell or in front of your front door, as routers with illuminated house numbers or lights, will provide top-quality reception for your personal network.

Data Cockpit hub 2016 Video 
Video: "Data Cockpit@hub 2016"

“The Well-Fi approach of immediately being able to become a customer as well as simplicity and security – coupled with end-to-end, top-quality Wi-Fi at home – resonates with the mass market. It generated clear feedback from visitors and confirmed the potential for this new kind of Internet connection. An initial technical feasibility study is being conducted as part of a field test in Macedonia”, says Katja Henke, Well-Fi project manager, market & customer.

Data Cockpit

End customers are increasingly looking for transparency about what data Deutsche Telekom holds on them and what happens to that data. The Data Cockpit provides customers with the information or will allow them to manage their personal data in future. Deutsche Telekom is looking to do more than simply meeting the requirements associated with the changes to European law (General Data Protection Regulation), and stands out in this respect as a pioneer when it comes to engaging in a dialog with customers.

“For the Data Cockpit it was the first external event where we presented the project. A premiere if you like. For the presentation we chose OLED screens which were a good eye-catcher and ensured a constant stream of visitors. We received lots of positive feedback on the Data Cockpit and on the Family Use Case.

 Project manager Claudia Pohlink (right) and Marcus Berlin
 from the Data Cockpit project 
That encourages us to maintain our commitment”, says project manager Claudia Pohlink.


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