Virtualized Infrastructures & Global Cloud IT

Virtualized Infrastructures & Global Cloud IT

T-Labs creates and develops essential IT tools which enable new products and business opportunities for network providers.

As part of the innovation field “IT & Cloud” it focuses on the following areas:

Systematic consolidation (including legacy systems) of Operating Support Systems/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) system, by reducing all software systems used within Deutsche Telekom to OneOperation to eliminate redundant features.

Common scaling operational platform (OneOperation) for the remaining consolidated OSS/BSS systems and the office and business applications served as SaaS across the entire Deutsche Telekom group.

Getting rid of rich desktops clients. Equip Deutsche Telekom employees with a Thin-Client Browser Operating System (OS) device (“Chromebook”-like). Browser based office & business apps provided as SaaS. Reduce capital investments and maintenance costs. These thin client netbooks will also be offered to SMEs as a bundle: device, connectivity and applications.
Cloud-based POS applications to enable merchants and manage their payment transactions. Value enhancing features like loyalty programs, customer analytics.

A Network API which allows to “program” the network. Offer ‘QoS’-ensured connections.

Capture business around payment, access control, ticketing, coupons and vouchers by enabling external developers to create secure mobile apps/cards and deploy them.
Collaborating with Cross-domain middleware: Home gateway as a strategic component to bind Deutsche Telekom service offerings and Deutsche Telekom network. Using the gateway for cloud/ upload acceleration, IPv6 translation, QoS tagging and integrated streaming solution.
Innovation field: IT & Cloud