Visions of the Future

Deutsche Telekom’s innovative know-how has been consolidated in Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) since 2004. The unit drives research and development across the Group, thereby giving it a key role to play.

T-Labs’ mission is directly derived from the Deutsche Telekom vision, which states: “As the leading services company in the telecommunications and information technology industry, we network society for a better future. We do it across the entire enterprise, with top quality, efficiency and innovation and to the benefit of our customers.”

T-Labs’ research and development is guided by four principles:

  • With its R&D profile, T-Labs reinforces the long-term innovative strength of Deutsche Telekom.
  •  T-Labsacts as a driver and initiator for excellent, economically useful research in an international partner network with leading experts and institutions.
  •  T-Labsis a Group-wide pioneer in groundbreaking solutions for the markets of the future with a medium to long-term view.
  • As a university-affiliated institute, T-Labs cultivates future competencies and tests and applies new methods and approaches.

The core of the research and development done at T-Labs is project work. All projects support the objective of developing innovative products and services for Deutsche Telekom customers. The results of this research and development are primarily transferred to the Group's strategic business units or are used to establish spin-off organizations.



T-Labs 2.0 - We shape the future!

T-Labs 2.0 - We shape the future!

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