LiteDesk – the web-based workplace for business customers: Eficient, simple, flexible and secure

Enterprises are looking for efficient ways to build and rollout the next generation workplace infrastructure.

Growing numbers of applications are web-based, needing just an Internet connection and a browser. LiteDesk is optimized for this set-up: it has no local files and is easy to administrate centrally.

LiteDesk helps companies with the migration to web-based workplaces, creating secure, efficient and scalable working environments that are compatible with existing systems.

Because the LiteDesk workplace is administrated centrally, it requires less investment in infrastructure, administration, support, and training, thus saving costs and resources. What is more, less downtime means higher employee productivity.

LiteDesk uses Linux and Mozilla technology with no local user files and no conventional operating system. This means it works in an environment that renders most viruses and Trojans powerless. And because the system is administrated centrally and users don't need to install any software, it stays that way.

For more information, please contact Tobias Hellmann

One Pager LiteDesk (pdf)