Emerging Ecosystems

Emerging Ecosystems

Today the focus of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC), located in Mountain View - California, is on early stage product development. In the future this will be extended with the ability to a product development and technology transfer model in which SVIC develop more complete and robust solutions for Telekom. The strategy is to take maximum advantage of open source and relevant start-ups intellectual capital and development in order to avoid expensive duplication of what already exists.

The goal is to extend and support specific Telekom needs and leverage open source software to accelerate development and reduce scope and risks.
SVIC focuses on four strategies to achieve these goals:
Development, integration, Incubation and Enabling technologies which can and will be used in combinations to support the technical charter in advanced networking, media, mobile and cloud, and the development to support Telekom’s business and subscriber needs. 
  • Time Scale
    From near term to future need, Address a gap, anticipate market and demand
  • Business Drivers
    Business and operational units, Core Telco, Media, Cloud, Data Center Operations, Enabling new businesses and partnering
  • Functional Relevance
    Networking, Mobile, Media, Platforms & Services



  • ​Creating a branded experience
  • Advanced Networking
  • Service Enablement
  • Mobile and Cloud
  • Architecture and Design
  • Reference Implementation


  • Mutual Exposure, Feed-back,
    Feed- forward,
  • Strategic early stage start-ups
  • Access to Telekom resources even $
  • Spin-ins, Telekom & Hybrid Teams ​


  • ​Its about reach, mutual benefit 
  • Start-ups to Established
  • Interface to Telekom Systems, Business Units, customers
  • Europe: Not just Silicon Valley

 Enabling Services and Platforms

  • It’s about access & market reach
  • Access to Telkom services
  • Platforms and APIs for
    Developer community
  • Application and service creation​