Well Fi

Well Fi


Quality Wi-Fi for your comfort: simple, secure, stable – at home, in the office and on the go

Just imagine – you move into your new home and the Wi-Fi is already up and running. With just one click you become a customer and can start online right away. Integrating your devices and services is super easy. If you are already a Well-Fi customer, your devices are even be automatically connected. Well-Fi is high-quality Wi-Fi that makes you feel good. You always receive the best signal available for your services so that reception is perfectly stable in any room. And best of all: You can take your personal network with you – while you're at the cafe, on vacation – wherever! When not at home you still have everything under control – full and secure access to data and media, and you can manage your network with ease.

Well-Fi is a collaborative solution based on the latest Wi-Fi standards in conjunction with intelligent network technology. All connections run through a virtual private network tunnel, ensuring that your data enjoys optimum protection. Thanks to the shared infrastructure, everyone benefits from much faster, more stable Internet connection. Having all of the advantages of an individual network, Well-Fi is simple, secure and available around the clock. Thanks to flexible expandability, customers can log into their private personal network via any other Well-Fi network or Deutsche Telekom HotSpots at any time. They don't have to worry about anything – Deutsche Telekom takes care of network management and security.

You can watch a video here.