T-Labs' anniversary celebration includes a world-record field test with 700 beacons

18/07/2014 - T-Labs' anniversary celebration includes a world-record field test with 700 beacons


Working in cooperation with TU-Berlin university, Telekom Innovation Laboratories has carried out a record-breaking beacon-technology field test. The test, involving a total of 700 beacons, focused especially on testing for product maturity, and it covered two areas, Indoor Analytics and Proximity. After the consent of the event's visitors had been obtained, the beacons were distributed to visitors and then used in a number of different ways during the course of the evening.

In the Indoor Analytics demonstration, visitor movements were displayed on a heat map. Gradually, the so-visualized data were enhanced via correlation with real-time responses to a survey asking "Who is going to win the World Cup?".

In the Proximity section of the demonstration, demo-stand staff personally addressed visitors by their first names, and then amazed them by providing information about their backgrounds, areas of work and World Cup predictions. In return, visitors were given a number of selected statistics, such as the percentage of visitors present who hailed from the same city or worked in the same industry sector.

The beacon field test was the largest ever held, encompassing a total of 700 beacons in a single room.

With the test, T-Labs showed how large numbers of beacon signals can be processed and then used in analytics applications. The involved Indoor Analytics and Proximity functionalities combine powerful location analytics with hyper-local, personalized customer contacts, and do so in ways that are 100% conformal with German data privacy laws and regulations. What is more, the solutions presented at the 10th-anniversary celebration are both unique and scalable.

About Indoor Analytics
Indoor Analytics illuminates customer behavior with the help of customer-movement analyses. It is a customer-friendly, opt-in solution that uses anonymized analyses and conforms to German data privacy requirements. The targeted analyses it carries out help store operators optimize their product placement, revenue and customer satisfaction. Indoor Analytics, which operates with either WLAN or Bluetooth beacon signals, is part of a joint project of T-Labs and TU Berlin university. More information about Indoor Analytics.

About Proximity
NewAer's ultra-light Proximity software links mobile devices detected via a wide variety of radio signals (WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE). The resulting links trigger cloud-based actions, such as welcome messages or presentation of personalized shopping coupons.  As soon as devices move outside of the system's range, they are no longer detected and revert to full anonymity.
NewAer, the Proximity developer, is a T-Venture partner. For the demonstrations at the 10th-anniversary celebration, Proximity was integrated within the heat-map function, where it detected beacon signals and transmitted them to the relevant server. NewAer cooperates with a number of leading companies, including Unilever, Intel and AlcatelLucent.

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